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Psalm for the Sick

Psalm for the Sick
Find words of strength, comfort and support from the words to this Psalm for the Sick. We hope that these online, free words to this Psalm for the Sick are a source of inspiration in time of trouble and stress due to illness in the family or the sickness of friends. Harness prayer power with this Psalm for the Sick.

Psalm for the Sick
We hope that the following words of Psalm for the Sick will provide spiritual comfort and inspiration and allow you to harness the power of prayer.

Healing Prayers and Passages relating to Healing and sickness from the Bible
We hope you will find the inspirational words to these Healing Prayers comforting. The words of the Bible contain many words of wisdom and comfort. The passages and verses from the Bible have the power to bring strength to those who are suffering from an illness and those praying for the sick. The soothing and comforting words found in the Holy Bible are beneficial in healing anxiety and depression during times of trouble. The words will help with healing anxiety and depression during times of trouble.

Psalm for the Sick

O Lord, in your anger punish me not; in your wrath chastise me not. For your arrows
have sunk deep in me; your hand has come down upon me. There is no health in my
flesh because of your indignation; there is no wholeness in my bones because of my
sin. For my iniquities have overwhelmed me; they are like a heavy burden, beyond my
strength. Noisome and festering are my sores, because of my folly. I am stooped and
bowed down profoundly; all the day I go in mourning. For my loins are filled with
burning pains; there is no health in my flesh. I am numbed and severely crushed; I
roar with anguish of heart. O Lord, all my desire is before you; from you my
groaning is not hid. My heart throbs, my strength forsakes me; the very light of my
eyes has failed me. For I am very near to falling; and my grief is with me always.
Indeed, I acknowledge my guilt; I grieve over my sins. Forsake me not, O Lord,; my
God be not far from me! Make haste to help me, O Lord, my salvation. Let me know, O
Lord, my end and what is the number of my days, that I may learn how frail I am. A
short span you have made my days, and my life is as nought before you; only a
breath is any human existence. Hear my prayer, O Lord, to my cry give ear; to my
weeping be not deaf! For I am but a wayfarer before you, a pilgrim like all my
fathers. Turn you gaze from me that I may find respite, ere I depart and be no more.

Taken from Psalms 37 and 38

Psalm for the Sick

Healing Prayer Power - Psalm for the Sick
We hope that the spiritual, comforting and inspirational words of this Healing Prayer will give you strength in times of trouble. The online words to this Healing Prayer are suitable for different denominations including Christian, Jewish Catholic and Baptist. Choose from our spiritual Prayer Collection for illness and sickness including this Psalm for the Sick.

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