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Cowboy Prayer

Cowboy Prayer
Enjoy the inspirational words to the Cowboy Prayer. These online, free words can be printed and used to create a personalised book of Prayers. Add to your collection of printable prayers which are suitable for different occasions. You will find the words provide comfort and are inspirational, spiritual and joyful.

Cowboy Prayer
We hope that the following words of the Cowboy Prayer will provide spiritual comfort and inspiration. Remember that these online, inspirational words can be printed and used to create a personalised Book of Prayers.

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The greatest thing any one can do for God and for man is to pray. It is not the only thing. But it is the chief thing. A correct balancing of the possible powers one may exert puts it first. For if a man is to pray right, he must first be right in his motives and life. And if a man be right, and put the practice of praying in its right place, then his serving and giving and speaking will be great with the presence of God. The word 'Amen' is a Hebrew word meaning firm and faithful. The literal translation is 'so be it' and is used where one person confirms the words of another, and adds his wish for success to the other's vows and predictions.

Cowboy Prayer

Thank you Father for choosin the cowboy life for me
Riding the range, mending fences and sleeping under the stars
Enjoying all your creations, Father how awesome you are.

Some folks spend their days chasing silver and gold, you see
And when they finally get it it's easily wasted away
Me, I chase horses and cows most all of the day.

When the night comes, I'm tired, sore and cold
I make myself a fire, eat my vittles, spread out my bedroll.
Then I play my harmonica, singing out loudly and bold,

Til my good friend, Pumpkin is sound asleep.
And as I sink into peaceful and irreversible sleep
Please, please do not for me weep,

I happily lived my life as a cowboy,
the life God chose for me.

Cowboy Prayer
Author unknown


Cowboy PrayerCowboy Prayer

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