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Prayer for a Christmas Meal

Prayer for a Christmas Meal
Enjoy the inspirational words to the Prayer for a Christmas Meal. These online, free words can be printed and used to create a personalised Christmas Prayer book. Add to your collection of printable prayers which are suitable for different occasions. You will find the words are inspirational, spiritual and joyful which celebrate the Nativity especially for the festive season.

Prayer for a Christmas Meal
We hope that the following words will provide spiritual comfort and inspiration. Remember that these online, inspirational words can be printed and used to create a personalised Prayer Book.

The Meaning of Christmas
"Christmas" signifies "Christ's Mass," meaning the festival of the Nativity of Christ, and the word has been variously spelt at different periods. The following are obsolete forms of it found in old English writings: Crystmasse, Cristmes, Cristmas, Crestenmes, Crestenmas, Cristemes, Cristynmes, Crismas, Kyrsomas, Xtemas, Cristesmesse, Cristemasse, Crystenmas, Crystynmas, Chrystmas, Chrystemes, Chrystemasse, Chrystymesse, Cristenmas, Christenmas, Christmass, Christmes. Christmas has also been called NoŽl or Nowel. As to the derivation of the word NoŽl, some say it is a contraction of the French nouvelles meaning tidings, les bonnes nouvelles, that is "The good news of the Gospel"; others take it as an abbreviation of the Latin dies natalis meaning "the birthday."

Prayer for a Christmas Meal

Our Heavenly Father,
We give thanks for the birth of Your Son,
And the celebration of His life.
Help us to remember that
He is the reason for this season.
We give thanks for our family and friends,
And for the fact
That we can plan and enjoy a Christmas meal together.
We thank you
For your provision of
This bountiful meal before us.
May we remember that
There are those who have no families,
No place,
And no-one with whom to have a Christmas dinner.
Help us to listen to your wee small voice
If there is something
You would like us to do
To see their Christmas be
A more merry one.
We ask that You would
Bless our fellowship
As we celebrate this Christmas season.
Through Jesus Christ, Your Son, we pray. Amen.


Prayer for a Christmas Meal

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